you are beautiful and you are important. you are loved more than you can possibly imagine. for no reason other than that you are loved. you are capable. you have everything you need for success and growth. you are all you will ever need.

The whole notion of pushing your physical limits — popularized by early Nike ads, Navy SEAL mythos and Lance Armstrong’s cult of personality — has attained a religiosity that’s as passionate as it is pervasive. The “extreme” version of anything is now widely assumed to be an improvement on the original rather than a perverse amplification of it. And as with most of sports culture, there is no gray area. You win or you lose. You leave it all on the floor or you shamefully skulk off the floor with extra gas in your tank.

Why Are Americans So Fascinated With Extreme Fitness? via NYT Mag / Heather Havrilesky

There’s just so much good stuff on the Internet today.

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Awesome little explanation of why fitness culture can be so harmful. 

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